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Big Changes for QuickBooks Pro 2011 :

Accounting is getting easier in the new year. Intuit's recently released QuickBooks Pro 2011 includes a number of big changes to help accountants and small business owners track finances and become more successful. For those still hesitating to make the switch from QuickBooks Online, 2011 is the year. There are multiple smaller changes but the following major improvements will improve billing and accounting efficiency and leave more time to conduct business.

E-mail Integration

With QuickBooks 2011, any Hotmail, Yahoo, or Gmail account used by a business can be linked to the software. This allows the owner to use QuickBooks when sending e-mail, invoices, or other notices to customers without the time and cost of setting up Outlook. Those still using Outlook will also have simple access to this feature as well.

Batch Invoicing

For businesses that complete identical services for multiple customers, the tedious process of creating the same invoice over and over has been eliminated. This new feature allows one invoice to be created and applied to as many customers as needed. Just a few clicks and a business owner can move on to more important things.

Collections Center

Accounts receivable can be a nightmare for any business owner and can mean the difference between success and failure. Tracking these has also been made more efficient in QuickBooks 2011. Now, with a single click, business owners can access information about receivables that are close to due or overdue. Then, because of the e-mail integration feature, reminders can be instantly sent to customers.

Other Changes

Businesses will also notice a number of other improvements in the new edition. They will have more convenient access to transaction history with needed information appearing all in one place rather than on multiple screens. Customer Snapshot will give a business owner a better picture of ordering and payment trends, and help to identify good and bad customers.

These changes also include improved overall functioning of the program that includes faster loading times. With these convenient improvements in an already great product, it's worthwhile for any business to look into making a QuickBooks download to start 2011 off right.